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You will be surprised to know that not all hot tubs are the same. In the hot tub category itself there are two type of hot tubs: portable hot tubs and in-ground spas. A portable hot tub is manufactured with all the equipment required for operational use (pumps, heaters, filters, etc), and requires no plumbing on site when it is delivered to your home. Once delivered, it is attached to your home with an electrical connection and if you move, the tub can be moved with you. This differs from an in-ground spa because once an in-ground spa is built into your backyard it is designed to stay with the house.

What makes certain hot tubs “better” than others? Lucky for you, like many products and services you have the ability to shop around for the best hot tub to fit your budget and needs.

Getting Started

If you walked into your local hot tub store and were thrown right into the mix for the first time, before you make any buying decisions we highly recommend you do some research on the models you were initially drawn to. In the case that you have been thinking about buying a hot tub for some time and don’t really know where to begin your search, a great place to start is by searching for your local hot tub dealers. The benefit of buying from a local hot tub dealer is that you can see, touch and test the hot tub you are buying before you purchase. Ultimately your local dealer will be the one installing, servicing, and answering all questions about your hot tub so assurance in them is important

Here are a couple important questions to consider when narrowing down your local dealer

  1. Business

    How long have they been in business and how long have they sold the brand you are interested in?

    Stay away from dealers that consistently change the brands they sell. It would also be helpful to know why they chose to sell this brand.

  2. Site Inspection

    Are they willing to come to your house to provide a site inspection at little to no cost?

  3. Service

    Do they service the products they sell?

    Great dealers stand behind the products they sell. Be sure to find a dealer that provides year around service so you can enjoy your hot tub in complete confidence.

Do Your Research

Once you have narrowed down your search to the local hot tub dealer you stand behind, you should
begin researching the hot tub manufacturers they have available.

Here are a couple things to consider when researching the different manufacturers:

  1. Safety Standards

    Make sure that the hot tub you are choosing is UL listed like any other electrical appliance. The UL listing states the product is safe to use and meets the required safety standards.

  2. Components

    Research the overall quality of the different components that go into your spa. Components to keep your eye out for are; *spa shell, internal frame, exterior cabinet material, heater, pumps, blower, filtration system, insulation and cover. *spa shell is a critical component.

  3. Cost of Operation

    Make sure the model you choose meets the industry energy standards. The method and type of insulation, quality of cover, and type of energy saving components will assist in making your hot tub the most energy efficient and cost effective.

  4. Ease of

    A hot tub designed for easy maintenance will save you time and money. Please keep in mind, a hot tub, like any other appliance will require regular maintenance and replacement parts from time to time, this is not something to be alarmed about.

  5. Warranty

    The length of warranty is just as important as the manufacturer that is supporting the warranty. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the manufacturer has been in business long enough to support the warranties they are providing.

  6. Service

    Find a manufacturer that requires their dealers to service the product as well. Be mindful of where you install your hot tub to make sure there is easy access for servicing the internal components, this will save you money in the long run when your hot tub needs repairs.

Time To Choose A Brand

Now that you have chosen the local dealer you want to give your business to and the manufacturer you trust, deciding on the brand is the final stage in your hot tub purchasing lifecycle.

There are five aspects of choosing a brand that should be considered before making your purchase:

  • Focus on your desires and envision how they can be achieved by owning a hot tub. With your hot tub are you looking for a place to relax, the perfect venue to connect with others, a place to entertain your friends or warm-water therapy that promotes health benefits. It’s all about you.

  • Preferences for your hot tub selection. What size and shape will work best for your needs?

  • Consider the special features available in a hot tub. How many jets will you need or want? What about Bluetooth stereo, touch screen controls, waterfalls and illuminated controls? Are programmable filter cycles and automated sanitizing systems a must? Do you want multiple seating options in your spa, maybe a lounge seat or deep seats for tall hot tub users.

  • From deck to patio, there’s a hot tub for almost any setting. Decide on the hot tub features that will enhance your hot tub environment. Will it run quietly and efficiently? What landscaping or fencing will need to be done to complete the picture?

  • Consider affordability. With hundreds of styles and options to choose from, there’s truly a hot tub for every budget. Lucky for us hot tubs are more cost-effective in time and money than ever before! Energy efficiency and ease of maintenance is key when calculating your cost of ownership.

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